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Dog accomodation

At Tajomný dvor Koválov kennel we provide for accomodation for dogs off all sizes and ages. All of our kennels provide your dog with a covered area and are protected from the weather.
Dogs are housed in spacious, clean and fully covered concrete and brigs runs. Trampoline beds/Plastic Sleeping Baskets are provided with clean covers for larger breeds or sleeping baskets with bedding for the smaller breeds.
There are exercise area that partily covered to protect your dog from the sun or rain for your dog to be able to have some playtime if they are suitable to be allowed to run free.

No Dog is housed with other Dogs unless requested

Customers may bring their own bedding or toys to comfort their Dog.

Veterinarian on call 24 hours

Dog Training

Categories of trainings:

Dog & puppy training

Basic pet training

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Recall ("come" or "here")
  • Close (or loose-leash walking)

Advanced pet training

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Recall ("come" or "here")
  • Close (or loose-leash walking)

· Jumping of hudlers

 house training

· No chewing

· No urination

· Sit

· Down

· Stay

· Recall

· Close

 behavior problems

· Yelping

· Bitting

· Chewing

· Fear

· And others


Go away on holidays or on business, secure in the fact that your dog is being cared for in the comfort of a dog lovers’ home!

If you want to book your dog please contact us by e-mail mirocabon@stonline.sk